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Product guides

  1. Getting started

    Checklists, key concepts, and tutorials to help you learn, explore, and integrate Persona.

  2. Inquiries

    Collect and verify information with custom flows.

  3. Verifications

    Choose and combine verification types: government ID, selfie, database, and more.

  4. Accounts

    Represent and consolidate data about individual end users.

  5. Cases

    Build and customize your identity review process.

  6. Graph

    Visualize and block fraud rings.

  7. Lists

    Leverage your data in identity processes.

  8. Reports

    Enrich identity profiles with a range of authoritative data sources.

  9. Workflows

    Automate your identity processes.

  10. Team

    Manage users, roles, and permissions.

  11. Integrations

    Integrate Persona with other third-party apps.

  12. Security, privacy, 
and compliance

    We take a security and privacy-first approach to everything we do.

Specialized guides

  1. For end users

    Get help completing your Persona identity verification.

  2. FAQ

    Get answers to targeted questions.

  3. Developer documentation

    Explore guides, examples, and code snippets to help you integrate with Persona.

Other guides

  1. Archive

    Guides for legacy product versions.

  2. Persona homepage

    Learn more about Persona at our homepage.