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How to scan your passport with NFC

This guide is written for individuals who are completing a Persona identity verification flow.


This guide provides tips on how to upload a passport in a Persona identity verification flow.

If you're looking for information about setting up NFC or passport collection on Persona, please see our guide here.

Device requirements

Ensure the device you’re using to scan your passport is NFC enabled. If you’ve ever used your phone to tap for payment, then your phone is NFC enabled. Otherwise, a quick google search on your device will likely inform you.

Passport requirements

Look at your Passport and ensure it has the NFC logo on the front:


All United States passports issued after 2006 have NFC technology. Because US passports expire after at most ten years, this means today, every valid US passport has NFC.


If you having trouble scanning your passport with your NFC-enabled device, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Remove any covers or cases from your passport and mobile device.
  • Try scanning the other side of the passport. Your passport has an RFID chip embedded in one of the covers.
  • Make sure the mobile device touches the passport, with no gap between the two items. Hold your phone against your passport until the scan is complete.
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