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Having trouble with Persona?

Here are some common reasons why you may be having issues completing the Persona verification process.


Q: Why am I receiving "failed to capture screenshot and/or the Play icon" when prompted to take a photo of my driver's license and a selfie?

A: If you've encountered this issue, check that your device has Low Power Mode turned off and is sufficiently charged. Your device limits video function to save battery power; this is why you will see the failed to capture message when trying to submit your government ID or selfie.


Q: Why isn't the barcode being captured clearly?

A: Since barcodes are very detailed, we require high-quality images to decode the barcode from the ID. Image resolution, image focus, lighting, and noise can all impact barcode scans.

  • Here are a couple of recommendations that you can give to your customers to help them increase the quality of their photos

    1. Recommend they switch to a mobile device, as mobile phones have significantly higher quality cameras than desktop computers.

    2. Recommend they adjust their lighting - if they're backlit.

    3. Reduce glare - hold the camera or ID as still as possible.

Q: Why am I getting the Session Expired error message?

A: Once the user attempts to complete the inquiry but, for some reason, abandons the flow by closing their browser window, for example. This will result in the session expiring for security reasons because PII has already been given.


Q: Why has my Inquiry expired?

A: By default, the inquiry, for security reasons, expires 24 hours after creation and 24 hours after the user starts the inquiry.

If you would like to resume the expired inquiry, please reach out to the organization that directed you to the Persona flow.


Q: How do I enable camera permissions?

A: If you received the "We can't access your camera" message during the Persona verification flow, you will need to enable camera permissions for your device and/or browser.

Here are some ways to enable camera permissions for your browser and device type:

  • If you're using Chrome, please follow the steps in the relevant link below:

  • If you're on Safari, please follow the appropriate steps below:

    • For Desktop
    • For mobile devices below iOS 13, check your "Camera & Microphone Access" in your Settings:
      • Go to Settings on your device
      • Scroll down and open Safari
      • Ensure "Camera" is set to "Ask" or "Allow."
  • For mobile devices on iOS 13, tap the "AA" icon in the URL bar in the top left. Then tap "Website Settings," which will enable you to set camera permissions to "Allow or Ask" instead of "Deny."

  • If you're viewing the Persona verification flow via an iOS or Android app, check your device settings:

    • Go to Settings on your device
    • Go to Apps
    • Find the app that you wish to enable camera permissions for
    • Find the App Settings and allow camera permissions
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