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FAQ: Inquiries & Verifications


This guide covers common questions you may have when using Persona to verify your users' identities. This guide covers our Inquiries and Verifications products.

Verification checks

Why did an Inquiry pass the verification process even though it failed a few verification checks? 

An Inquiry will pass the verification process as long as it passes all "Required" verification checks. This means an Inquiry can fail a verification check that isn’t marked as required and still pass the verification process.

Depending on your Persona plan, you may have the ability to configure checks to be required or not required.

How can I see which verification checks are "Required" for an Inquiry?

To see what checks are required for an Inquiry to pass the verification process:

  1. In the Persona Dashboard, go to the the navigation bar and click on "Inquiries" > "All Inquiries".
  2. On the All Inquiries page, select the Inquiry you're interested in.
  3. On the Inquiry page, select the "Verifications" tab at the top of the page.
  4. On the Verifications tab, you'll see a section for each Verification type enabled for this Inquiry.
    1. Select one of the Verification types, and scroll down to the "Checks" section. Here, you’ll see a table with all the individual verification checks of this Verification type that was run on this Inquiry. The "Required" column in this table tells you whether each check is required (‘Yes’ = required, ‘No’ = not required). 

Inquiry links

When does a link to an Inquiry that was created in advance expire?

By default, an Inquiry link will expire 24 hours after the link is created. You can adjust this expiration period; find the "Expiration intervals" settings on the Inquiry Template you want to change.

What can I do if a link (or the Inquiry) has expired and I want to allow the user to continue in the same inquiry where they left off?

If a link has expired—resulting in an expired Inquiry—and you want to allow the user to continue where they left off rather than starting a new Inquiry, you can "resume" the Inquiry.

To allow the user to resume:

  1. Find the expired Inquiry in the Persona Dashboard.
  2. At the top right-hand side of the Inquiry details page, you'll see a Resume button.
  3. Click this button. This action will generate a unique link that you can send to the individual to allow them to complete the verification from where they left off. By default, this one-time link is active for 24 hours after it is generated; and once the individual opens the link, they will have 15 minutes to complete the Inquiry.


Are real verifications performed in my sandbox environment?

No, real verifications are not performed within your sandbox environment. You can use your sandbox environment to test your end-user flow and to ensure Persona is implemented properly within your app. You will not incur charges for verifications performed within your sandbox environment. 


Can I download the personally identifiable information (PII) provided by individuals (e.g. name, DOB, address)?

Yes. In addition to looking up the information in your Persona Dashboard, you can use the Persona API to programmatically download this information. See our API documentation to learn more.



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