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Where to find Inquiry details in the Dashboard


This guide explains where to find information about your Inquiries in the Persona Dashboard.


This guide will be most helpful if you first review the key concepts in Persona, and create your first Inquiry.

All Inquiries view

To view a list of all of your Inquiries, visit the All Inquiries view of the Persona Dashboard. On this page, you can filter Inquiries by attributes including Inquiry status, Inquiry creation date, and type of Verification checks run on the Inquiry.

To navigate to this page, select "Inquiries" > "All Inquiries" from the navigation bar.

Inquiry details view

To view details about each Inquiry, visit the Inquiry details view of the Persona Dashboard.

To navigate to this page, first visit the All Inquiries view. Within the list of all Inquiries, click on the Inquiry you're interested in.

Tabs in the Inquiry details view

The Inquiry details view is divided into the following tabs:


Overview tab

This tab contains a few sections:

  • Summary: statistics related to the Inquiry. For example, the time it took the individual to complete the Inquiry, or the number of Verification attempts.
  • Attributes: a summary of attributes collected about the end user. For example, if the Inquiry included a Government ID Verification, an attribute may be the name that appeared on the ID.
  • Location: information about the location of the end user of the Inquiry. For example, the device where the Inquiry was completed, and the residence collected on any document(s) the end user submitted.
  • Behavior: Information about the user's behavior as they completed the Inquiry.

Verifications tab

This tab contains details of every Verification attempt that the end user made as part of the Inquiry.

Each Verification attempt is displayed in its own section. Each section contains:

  • Results specific to the type of the Verification. For example, for a Government ID Verification, results may include the photo of the ID that the end user submitted, and attributes extracted from the ID.
  • Checks: details of each Verification check that was run, including Name, Type, and Required. 

Below is an example of the Checks section within a Verification attempt. Each check includes a tooltip that summarizes what it does; complete details about each check are available in the reference Verification checks table in the Persona Dashboard.



Note: The ability to customize Verification checks is available to organizations on paid plans. You can customize checks based on your organization's goals for balancing risk and conversion. If you are on the Starter plan and would like to upgrade, reach out to us at

Devices tab

This tab displays details about the devices an individual used to perform their Inquiry. It contains:

  • Location: information about the location of the end user of the Inquiry. For example, the device where the Inquiry was completed, and the residence collected on any document(s) the end user submitted.
    • Example usage: You can compare the location of the residential address extracted from a document that the user submitted (for example, a government ID) to the location where they performed their inquiry. This comparison may be an input into your organization’s fraud detection strategy.
  • Metadata about IP address and devices. Details include the network's region and country, if the device was connected to a VPN, and more.
    • Example usage: This data can be useful for List creation and fraud detection.

Reports tab

This tab displays any Reports that this individual matches on. Reports can include Global Watchlists, PEP Screens, and more.

List matches tab

This tab displays any matches on a List for the end user, and what the matched item is.

For example, let's say you have a list of known IP addresses that you would like to block and have uploaded the IP addresses into a List; and you have set up a Workflow to automatically deny individuals that match those IP addresses. This tab would show details if the end user's IP address matches one on your List.

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