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User behavior signals in an Inquiry

About behavior signals

Easily collect user behavior

Persona provides you information about each end user's behavior as they complete an Inquiry. The information is collected passively, without the user having to take action.

Evaluate fraud risk

Behavior signals can help you evaluate fraud risk. Signals include information about possible request spoofing, how the user inputted data, and how much time the user spent on various activities. Persona also calculates an overall Behavior Threat Level rating to equip you to make a decision.

Integration methods supported

Behavior signals are collected in Inquiries that use an integration method in which Persona supplies the user interface. This includes:

  • Embedded Flow
  • Hosted Flow
  • Mobile SDKs

Persona does not collect user behavior signals in Server API integrations.

View behavior signals in the Dashboard

Behavior signals are included in the Overview tab of each Inquiry in the Dashboard. To learn more about where to find these details, see Inquiry details in the Dashboard.

Evaluate risk and take action

Behavior Threat Level

Persona provides an overall Behavior Threat Level rating, in addition to specific details. This rating comes from a proprietary risk model that Persona has developed.

We recommend at minimum you review any Inquiry with a Behavior Threat Level rating of High.

Take action with Workflows

You can use a Workflow to automatically take action on any Inquiry based on its Behavior Threat Level.

For example, you can create a Workflow that is triggered by an Inquiry completing or failing, then use the `behavior_threat_level` property of the Inquiry in a Conditional Step.



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