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Choose and configure Verification checks for Government ID Verification

The ability to configure Verification checks is available on paid plans. If you're on the free plan and want to upgrade, reach out to

If your Verification check configurations are fully managed by your Persona team, you will not be able to edit them yourself. Please reach out to your customer success manager if you'd like to make changes.


This guide presents high level guidance on how to choose and configure Verification checks for Government ID Verifications. The overall steps are:

  • Review possible Verification checks
  • Choose required Verification checks
  • Configure required Verification checks
  • Configure Enabled countries and ID types


Government ID Verification is one of the many Verification types you can use on Persona.

For each Verification type, Persona offers many Verification checks for that type. These checks validate what an end user submits. For example, Verification checks for Government ID Verification include:

  • Barcode: requiring the presence of a barcode on the ID
  • Expiration: requiring that the ID is not expired
  • Allowed ID type: requiring the type of ID to be one of the types you allow

You can pick which checks you want to require. As a reminder, if any required check fails, the Inquiry fails.

Review possible Verification checks

Visit the Verification checks reference in the Dashboard. Find the section for Government ID checks. This table includes all possible checks to choose from.

Here are some guides to help you better understand these checks:

Choose required Verification checks

Consider your business needs for the use case for your specific Inquiry Template.

You may want to prioritize avoiding false positives (people passing verification who should not), or avoiding false negatives (people failing verification who should not). 

The more rigorous your verification needs are, the more checks you may consider requiring.

Note that you can always adjust Verification checks as your needs change.

Configure required Verification checks

Once you've decided which Verification checks you want to require, you can configure them in the Persona Dashboard. Here's how: How to configure required Verification checks for Government ID Verification.

Configure Enabled countries and ID types

See each of the following sub-topics:



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