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Exporting from the Dashboard

About exports

In the Persona Dashboard, you can export data from the Accounts view, the Inquiry view, or the Cases view. The export feature for all views will default to exporting every Account, every Inquiry, or every Case from all of time from your Dashboard.

Tip: These exports can get very large. If you're looking to only export some of the data that is accessible via any view, please use our filters first, and then export.

How to export

The export button can be found in the upper right hand corner on the Accounts view, the Inquiries view, or the Cases view. Please note that all exports via the Persona Dashboard contain PII. Separately, your engineering team can pull any of this data via API. Please see our docs.

Types of exports

Accounts exports

When exporting from the Accounts page, you will receive a total of four files in .csv format: one file each for Accounts, Inquiries, Reports, and Documents. These files will all be separate even though they're associated with the same individual Account. All exported files will have the associated Account ID, Inquiry ID, and relevant Report ID or Document ID.

Inquiry exports

When exporting from the Inquiries page, you will receive one Inquiry file plus one file for each type of verification that is part of your Inquiry. These files will be in .csv format. So, for example, if you run Government ID + Selfie verifications, you will receive a total of three files when exporting: one Inquiry file, one Government ID file, and one Selfie file. With each verification file, you will receive the associated verification checks and results, as well as all other fields that you see in the Dashboard.

Cases exports

When exporting from the Cases page, you will receive one case file in .csv format. You will receive all associated case objects (Account ID, Inquiry ID, Report ID, etc) and tags associated with the Cases.

Dashboard exporters page

There is a separate tab under the Platform section of the left hand side bar in the dashboard called 'exporters' where a history of all exports can be seen. If you're waiting on a large export, this tab allows you to leave your computer or close the tab while the export completes. You can then come back to this section of the Dashboard later and download your exported file. You can also see the history of exports: who exported it, what time, what type of export was made, and more!

Exporting and permissions

If you'd like to restrict export access to select individuals in specific roles, you can do so using roles and permissions. There are four different permissions associated with exporting.

  1. Export Accounts: Ability to export Accounts
  2. Export Cases: Ability to export Cases
  3. Export Inquiries: Ability to export Inquiries
  4. View Exporters Page: View a list of exporters in Dashboard
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