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Inquiry status and Cases

Cases will be directly tied to the status of the inquiry to help increase efficiency for your team so long as you build the supplementary workflow that ensures that a case resolution changes the status of an inquiry. In this scenario, when a case is created, an inquiry will be automatically marked for review. When a case is then reviewed, and either approved or declined, the resolution of the case will consequently change the status of the inquiry.

Example: Event inquiry.complete happens and workflow runs. Let's say this workflow marks individuals who are under 18 for review, and creates a case. Said inquiry is an individual under 18 and therefore the inquiry status is now inquiry.needs_review, and a case has been created. When that case is reviewed and approved, the case status will be approved, which will trigger the workflow to change the inquiry status from inquiry.needs_review to inquiry.approved.

The above example means that if you'd like to automatically approve someone on your platform upon resolution of the case, you can! You'll be looking for the event inquiry.approved. If you're a developer, please see our docs for more information.

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