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How to build your Cases Workflow

Building your workflow

To ensure the above scenario occurs, you'll need to build a workflow that runs both on inquiry.complete and case.resolved.

  1. Build your workflow on inquiry.complete. Please see our article on workflows for more detail. The key here is to ensure that the action at the end of each route is "mark for review, create case, [INSERT CASE TEMPLATE NAME]. In order to associate a case template with a workflow, you'll need to first customize your case templates — please see the customizing your case templates section above for how to create your case template.

  2. Once you've created your workflow triggered off of inquiry.complete, you'll need to build a workflow that ensures that inquiry status is linked to case resolution. This workflow will be triggered off of case.resolved.

  3. You'll need a route for case_resolution = Approved and case_resolution = Declined — both possible case resolutions. You'll want to ensure that each route is associated with the correct inquiry status. Please see attached screenshot below for what the case workflow should look like.


  4. Once you've completed building this workflow, be sure to save and activate it!

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