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Reports overview

Reports overview

Persona offers many different reports to supplement information about an individual beyond what is submitted directly in the inquiry flow verifications (e.g. a government ID + selfie). Put another way, Inquiries collect information directly from an individual, while Reports connect to authoritative data sources. This includes, but is not limited to, credentials, attestations, records, logs, investigations, analyses, and in the case of adverse media, even articles, depending on the report type. Organizations who use Reports through Persona often need additional information about an individual before completing their identity verification process.

Reports statuses

  • Pending: Report is in the process of fetching information
  • Ready: We've received a response and the report is ready to view. Once a report is ready, it will never go back to pending. In the case when it is on a continuous interval, it will either go from ready → ready or ready → errored.
  • Errored: There was an error when retrieving the information. This can happen because insufficIent inputs were passed to Report or underlying data sources had an error.

Please note that report status has nothing to to do with the contents of the report result (e.g. Watchlist having a match or not).

Supported Report types

Persona offers several types of Reports including:

  • Watchlist report
  • Adverse media report
  • Social media report
  • Profile report
  • Phone risk report
  • Email risk report
  • Address lookup report

Please note that each report comes at a cost depending on the pricing plan that your organization is on.

We are constantly seeking to develop additional resources to help our organizations make the best decision possible about individuals using their platform. If there is a report type that you'd like to use through Persona, but that you do not see listed here, please reach out to us at We'd love to chat.

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