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Watchlist Report

What is it?

The Watchlist Report screens an individual across 100+ global sanction and warning lists. This is the most commonly used report type and is often required to have a full KYC/AML process built out.

There are many Watchlist Report providers, so why choose Persona? We search against one of the largest databases containing 100+ lists (and growing!). We allow for highly configurable search configurations to help reduce false positives and manual effort from your operations teams. And we allow for the ability to continuously monitor an individual against a set of lists at the cadence of your organization's choice.


Watchlist Reports are highly configurable to ensure that your organization is looking only at the relevant information.

List configuration options

Option 1: Specify the types of lists an organization can search against, including sanctions, warnings, and fitness & probity. This means an organization can, for example, search against all sanction lists but not against any warnings and fitness & probity lists.

Option 2: An organization can pick and choose exactly which lists they would like to search against. This means an organization can, for example, search against the Ireland Central Bank Revocation Notices, Switzerland Federal Gaming Board Blocked, and India National Housing Bank Penalties lists.

Search configuration options

We allow organizations to customize their search configuration to reduce false positive rates, which are a very common problem amongst most watchlist screen providers.

Option 1: Exact match. We can specify the search to look for matches where the name matches 1-1 with what is on a list.

Option 2: Equivalent names (includes everything in option 1). We can specify the search to look for equivalent names.

  • Hypocorisms (e.g. James <> Jim <> Jimmy)
  • Homophones (e.g. Kearns <> Cairns <> Kerns)
  • Abbreviations (e.g. Robert <> Rob)
  • Transliteration (e.g. Mohammed <> محمد)
  • AKAs (e.g. Alphonse Gabriel Capone, Al Capone)

Option 3: Search fuzziness (includes everything in options 1 and 2). Fuzzy name searching is a technique of finding names that match a name approximately. We can specify a fuzziness ranging from 0 to 100% (in increments of 10%).

Continuous monitoring

We allow organizations to continuously monitor on any cadence. We do this because if a person is not a "bad actor" today, that does not mean that they cannot be a "bad actor" two months down the line. Because of this, it's critical for organizations to continuously monitor individuals and to make sure that they do not end up on any sanction lists, warning lists, etc. Customers have the ability to monitor someone at any time interval they would like, ranging from the most frequent basis (10 minutes) to the least frequent basis (every 365 days).

Associated Workflow criteria

Many organizations who use the Watchlist Report also want to ensure they're marking Inquiries for review that have an associated Watchlist hit. Below are the criteria on which we can build Workflows on to ensure that someone is reviewing the Watchlist hits.

  • Watchlist.Matched
  • Watchlist.Ready


How does the Watchlist report work?

Organizations pass in a name and can optionally pass in a year of birth. Based on the search configuration and list selection, Persona will search for this name (and year of birth) against the set of lists specified.

What lists can Persona search against?

Persona can search across 100+ sanctions, warnings, and fitness & probity lists. Please reach out to for a full, comprehensive list.

How often are lists updated?

All Persona Watchlists are updated within 10 minutes of the lists being updated on the original source. For most recent information, we often recommend coupling the Persona Watchlist Report with the Adverse Media report.

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