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How to bulk create a Report

If you don’t see the option to create a manual report (+Create report) from the All Reports page and would like to enable this feature, reach out to your customer success manager or email us at


You can create a Report in bulk by uploading a CSV of names, phone numbers, and other identifiers.


In the Persona Dashboard:

  1. In the navigation bar, select ReportsAll Reports.
  2. On the All Reports page, click +Create report in the upper corner.
  3. In the Create a Report modal:
    1. Select the Upload CSV tab.
    2. Choose the Report Template you want to run.
    3. Click Download the CSV template.
  4. On your computer:
    1. Open the downloaded CSV template.
    2. Input the records you want to run the Report Template on. See Creating the CSV template for guidance.
    3. Save your changes.
  5. In the Create a Report modal:
    1. Click Next.
    2. Upload the CSV template you just edited.
    3. Click Create Reports.

Creating the CSV template

For a successful upload:

  • Please do not change, add, remove, or move the header names in the CSV template.
  • Provide the required input(s) for each record.
  • Ensure each CSV has no more than 10,000 rows.
    • If you would like to bulk create reports for more than 10,000 rows, break them into multiple smaller CSVs that meet the size requirement. Then, upload each of the smaller CSVs.
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