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What are Lists?

With Lists, you can create lists of information and easily flag inquiries that match the information found on the list. For example, you can create a list called "Blocked IP Addresses" and add to that list any IP addresses associated with fraudulent activity. The lists feature will then show you when an inquiry matches an IP address found on the Blocked IP Address list and allow you to filter for all inquiries that match that list.

Why Create a List?

Lists are a great way to automate the process of tracking or flagging repeat information across inquiries. In the example above, instead of manually tracking instances of suspicious or fraudulent IP addresses, you can easily see when a new inquiry matches one on the Blocked IP Addresses list, and quickly decline that same bad actor from verifying again.

You can also automate actions or decisions for inquiries matching a List by using Workflows. For example, you can set up a Workflow that automatically declines inquiries where the IP address matches against your Blocked IP Addresses list.

How do I Create a List?

  1. Go to the Lists page in your Dashboard.
  2. On the top right-hand side, select the Add new list button. Add the name of your list and choose your list type.
  3. After you've named your list and selected the list type, select "Add list" and you will see the list on your Lists page. (Can we say list any more times in this sentence?) 
  4. From the lists page, select your list and add information to that list. For example, you can add a list of IP addresses to your Blocked IP Address list.
  5. After you've added information to your list, you can filter for all inquiries that match the list in the Inquiries page.
  6. If an inquiry matches the list, this will also show up as a risk signal on the inquiry details page - letting you quickly see the matches and make decisions based on this information.

What List Types are currently supported?

At the moment we support the following types of lists:

  • IP address
  • Government ID Number
    • For each List item, you will be asked to specify the ID type (e.g. Driver License, Passport) and ID number
  • Name 
    • You can adjust whether or not you want to allow for fuzzy matching of names (e.g. "Melisss" to match against "Melissa")
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Geolocation
    • The geolocation list type will match on locations derived from the following: IP address during an inquiry session, Government ID verifications, SSN verifications, Phone Number verifications, and Basic verification (name, date of birth, address).

Can I automate actions or decisions based on Lists?

Yes, after you set up your List, you can automate actions and decisions (e.g. approve, decline) when an inquiry matches your List through Workflows.

What's Next for Lists?

Over the next few months, we plan to add additional types of lists, e.g. browser fingerprinting. If you have a list type in mind that is not supported, we'd love to know - please reach out to your Persona Customer Success Manager.

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