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In-flow customer support form

What is the in-flow support form?

The in-flow support form is a widget that prompts an individual to submit a support ticket if they run into a problem - this will be routed to any e-mail that you provide. Enabling the in-flow support form is a great way to offer last-mile support to individuals who have trouble completing their verification.

When does the support form appear?

The support form appears in 2 situations:

  • If the individual submits a photo, document or form response that cannot be verified, a help button appears on the bottom right hand side of the screen that leads to the support form.
  • If the individual fails the total number of attempts attempts at the same type of verification (e.g. 5 attempts at verifying their Driver's License), they will be automatically directed to the support form.

What will individuals see?

If enabled, individuals will see a help button at the bottom right-hand side of your screen after they've made at least 1 failed attempt at verification. Note that the screenshot below is from the hosted flow. If you embed Persona, the button will appear at the bottom right of the main inquiry box.


The help button leads the individual to the support form.

In addition to the help button, individuals will be automatically directed to the support form after they fail the maximum number of allowable attempts - in lieu of the failure page.


In each case, when the individual fills out the support form and click "send," a message is sent to the  support e-mail that you provided. The e-mail will include the Inquiry ID, Reference ID, sender's name and e-mail, and their message. It will be sent from

How do I enable the in-flow support form?

You can enable the in-flow support form by going to the templates section of your Dashboard.

Select the template that you'd like to enable the support form by toggling on the Support Emails and providing the relevant support email. Support tickets from individuals will be directed to this e-mail.


Be sure to Save Changes at the top right side of the page. Once you enable the support widget, you can also send a test e-mail.

What if my team needs help addressing the individual's issue?

It's important to us that your team is supported when resolving your user's issues. Your team can reach out to us via your customers success manager or

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