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What are Workflows?

Workflows let you automate manual actions that are triggered by an event and based on a set of if / then conditions.

For example, you could set up a Workflow that is triggered when an inquiry is completed (an event), where the inquiry would be automatically declined (an automated action) if the inquiry's IP address matches an IP address on a specified List (a condition).

Workflows can be set up in our Dashboard with no code required.

Why Create a Workflow?

By automating actions and decisions with custom conditional logic, Workflows are a great way to automate manual decisions and decrease the amount of time spent in manual reviews. Workflows can also be combined with Lists to automate actions / decisions for inquiries automatically flagged as matching those on a list.

What Events, Conditions and Actions are supported by Workflows?

The following is a list of events, conditions and actions we currently support. Since Workflows have broad potential application, we will continue to expand the list of support events, conditions and actions based on your feedback. Please contact your Persona Customer Success Manager if you have a use case that is not currently supported.

Supported Events:

  • inquiry completed

Supported Conditions:

  • age
  • country
  • document_similarity_score
  • failed_verification_attempts (#)
  • list_matches contains
  • liveness_check_score
  • us_state

Supported Actions:

  • approve
  • decline
  • do nothing

How do I Create a Workflow?

You can create a Workflow by going to the Workflows section of your Dashboard.

If you'd like to set up a Workflow (and if you do not see Workflows in your Dashboard), please reach out to your Customer Success Manager at Persona.

  1. On the top right side of the Workflows page, click the button "Add new workflow."
  2. Name your Workflow.
  3. Select an event that will trigger the Workflow.
  4. Add a new route (each route is an if/then condition) and name your new route.
  5. Select "If inquiry" and add one or more IF condition(s) (e.g. list_match contains).
  6. Select "Then" and add your desired action (e.g. decline).
  7. If needed, add additional routes (repeat steps 4-6).
  8. Check that the route "Everything else" matches your expected behavior for any inquiries that don't match any of the other routes.
  9. Save draft and publish your Workflow. A published Workflow is not yet active but allows your teammates to check and edit the Workflow.
  10. When you're ready to start running your Workflow, press the play icon.

What happens if I set up a Workflow with multiple if / then conditions?

The Workflow will process each IF / THEN condition sequentially. For example, if you want to create a Workflow that will:

  • Decline all inquiries that match the List: Blocked IP Addresses; and
  • Approve all inquiries that match the List: Allowed IP Addresses; and
  • Approve all other inquiries

...and you'd like the second rule to override the first in the event the IP address appears on both lists. In this example, you will want to set up the Workflow to first Approve all inquiries on the Allowed list before Declining inquiries on the Blocked list.

Are Workflows Retroactive?

Currently, Workflows are not retroactive for inquiries created before the Workflow was started. Workflows will only impact inquiries created after the Workflow starts running.

What's Next for Workflows?

Over the next few months, we will be adding new supported events, conditions and actions for Workflows. Let us know if you have an event, condition or action you'd like to use!

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