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Mobile SDKs

iOS and Android native SDKs

If you have a native Android or iOS app, you can integrate the Persona inquiry flow directly in your app with our native SDKs for a themeable native experience.

To get started, please see our integration guides for Android and iOS SDKs.

React Native SDK

If you have a React Native app, you can integrate Persona's flow directly into your app with our React Native SDK for a themeable native experience. Persona's React Native SDK wraps our Android and iOS SDKs.

To get started, please see our integration guide for React Native SDK.

Web SDK / WebView

If your mobile app is implemented in Webview, please see our Web SDK.


Where can I find my template ID?

You can find your template ID in the integration page of your Dashboard. Select the template and you will see the corresponding template ID.

Can Persona send us the data you get from the verifications?

Yes, all information from Persona's verifications (e.g. the verification results, verification checks, documents, reports, etc.) can be retrieved via API. Please see our API Reference for more information.

Can Persona send us the personally identifiable information (PII) provided by individuals (e.g. name, DOB, address)?

Yes, in the API / Configuration section of the Dashboard under "Enabled API attributes" you can specify the PII you'd like to retrieve via the API.

By default, we do not expose the attributes directly provided by individuals (e.g. name, birthdate, address) via API for data privacy reasons.

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