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Adding and Managing Dashboard Users

Adding Dashboard Users:

You can add as many teammates as you need to your Persona Dashboard by doing the following:

  1. Log in to your dashboard here.

  2. On the left hand side, under admin, select Team. Please note, if you do not see the Team section, it is because you do not have the permissions to manage your teammates. You'll need to speak to someone in your organization to either change your permissions, or make the changes on your behalf.

  3. On the Team page you can add new users by clicking the button 'Add Team Members' and you'll be prompted to enter a team member's email address.

  4. For each team member, you can determine the level of access that you would like to grant, making them a developer, analyst or admin on the Persona account

Dashboard User Permissions:

After you add a new user, you'll be prompted to set their user permissions - as an analyst, developer or admin:

  • Analyst: Analysts can view Inquiries, Accounts and Queues, and take actions (e.g. manually approve or decline inquiries). Analysts cannot update organization settings or access the development tab. Analysts can view, but cannot edit Workflows.
  • Developer: Developers have all the permissions of an Analyst and can additionally access the Development and API logs sections of the dashboard. 
  • Admin: Admins have full permissions in the dashboard i.e. they have all the permissions of an Analyst and Developer and additionally can create and edit Workflows, manage organization's settings, add new team members and set their permissions, etc.  
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