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Workflow events, conditions, and actions

Events, conditions, and actions that are supported by Workflows

The following is a list of events, conditions, and actions we currently support. Since Workflows have broad potential application, we will continue to expand the list of supported events, conditions, and actions based on your feedback. Please note that we're adding new conditions to our Workflows frequently, so it's possible this isn't an exhaustive list of the conditions that Workflows offer. Please reach out to us at if you'd like to request a new condition be added to Workflows — we'd be happy to work with you!

Supported events

Workflows can be triggered by the following:

  • Inquiry events
  • Report events
  • Case events
  • API events

Supported actions

These are a list of actions that you can take on the inquiry associated with the relevant event.

  • Assign Case
  • Decline (inquiry)
  • Approve (inquiry)
  • Evaluate Custom Code
  • Mark (inquiry) for review
  • Create and resolve case
  • Run reports
  • Tab Objects

Supported criteria for conditional logic

This list may not be exhaustive, as we're constantly adding new criteria to our Workflows. These criteria are related to the inquiry, inquiries associated with the account, reports that are run, case statuses, and custom logic that your team crafts.

  • Inquiry criteria (e.g. age, country, government ID number, selfie liveness score)
  • Report criteria (e.g. watchlist match, adverse media match, results from synthetic fraud report runs)
  • Custom code criteria (e.g. values returned by custom code functions)
  • Case criteria (e.g. status of case resolutions)
  • Account criteria (e.g. tags associated with count)
  • Template criteria (e.g. certain inquiry templates)
  • Database criteria (e.g. matches found against databases Persona supports)

Parallel logic

Workflows also supports parallel logic. As an example, with a parallel step, you can run two reports in parallel.

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