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Custom Code overview

About Custom Code

Our 2.0 release introduces a new step that allows users to implement custom JS logic directly within a Workflow. This feature enables customers to i) leverage 3rd party data for decisioning ii) integrate Persona with our customer's SaaS vendors or iii) trigger relevant Workflows via APIs.

Persona can work with users of Custom Code to help them configure these implementations based on the needs of each organization.

Example 1

Customers may want to receive a Slack notifications when a Persona inquiry needs review. We can use custom logic to create an integration between Persona and Slack to power these Slack notifications via Persona's workflows, rather than having a separate integration outside of Persona.

Example 2

Let's say your organization relies on Sift scores for decisioning. Rather than having your teams jump between the Persona and Sift dashboards, a Workflow can leverage custom logic to pull in a user's Sift scores, orchestrate Persona and non-Persona data, and centralize decisioning all in one place. As long as your 3rd party vendor can expose info via API, we can leverage that information in a Persona Workflow.

Example 3

A customer could trigger a new workflow via an API call and pass in Business Name, Business Address, EIN. The Workflow executes and runs 4 reports: Business Watchlist, Business Adverse Media, Business Lookup Report, TIN Check Report. The Workflow could fetch the results of the reports afterwards and then have decisioning follow.

Using Custom Code

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about setting up Custom Code.

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