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Checklist: Set up your first identity verification flow


Welcome to Persona—we are so excited to have you on board!

This guide takes you through the steps to set up your first identity verification flow. It covers:

  • Key concepts in Persona to learn first
  • The different integration methods you can use to deploy your Persona flow
  • Customizing the logic and look-and-feel of your flow
  • Common FAQs


  1. Learn key concepts to gain an understanding of Persona.
  2. Decide on and implement the integration method that works best for you. 
    • Embedded - Seamlessly verify individuals within your website.
    • Hosted - Send users a link to your flow.
    • Mobile SDK - Implement Persona directly within your native Android or iOS app.
    • WebView - Implement and verify individuals in an optimized mobile flow.
  3. Customize your flow.
  4. Create your first Inquiry to understand what your users will experience.
  5. Familiarize yourself with your Dashboard and the different Verification checks that Persona uses to prevent fraud.
  6. Add additional team members to your organization’s Dashboard when you are ready.

For any additional questions, please contact or refer to our documentation


See our dedicated FAQ section for common questions.

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