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Creating Workflows

Create a new Workflow

Create a Workflow by going to the Workflows section of your Dashboard, and clicking ‘Create workflow’ on the top right.


A ‘New Workflow’ window will open where you can enter the following:

  • Name of your workflow
  • Trigger type:
    • Event - Inquiry, Report, Case
    • API (enhanced feature)
    • Schedule (enhanced feature)
  • Trigger event or object type

A commonly used trigger type and trigger event are ‘Event’ and ‘inquiry.completed’. 

You have the option to set criteria on the trigger event. For example, if you want to run your workflow only when an individual completes a specific Inquiry template, you can set the criteria to ‘trigger.template.token’ equal to the template ID token.

If no trigger criteria is set, the workflow will run on all inquiries with a status of 'completed'.



Add steps to your Workflow

A Workflow is built with a series of steps. The different Step Types are:

  • Actions - Take action on an object.
  • Waits -"Wait" or pause for a specified event, action, or amount of time.
  • Parallel - Workflow logic that can be run simultaneously.
  • Conditional - "If-this-then-that" criteria related to the Inquiry, Account, preceding Report actions, Case statuses, custom logic, etc.

To add a step, hover your mouse between two steps and click on the '+' sign. On the right-side panel, the Step menu will appear. Choose your desired Step Type.

For more details on Trigger Events and Step types, head over to this article.

Output Step - Return Data

With Output Step you can configure your workflow to return any object or field data referenced within a single workflow run and surface that information on the respective Workflow Runs table view.

To read more about this step type, go to the 'Output Steps and Workflow Versions' section of this article.

Commit Message

Before publishing a Workflow, you're required to leave a comment on changes made. This will make debugging and troubleshooting easier for you and your team in the future!

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