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Mark an Inquiry for review using Workflows

No matter how well you configure your Inquiry templates to help with fraud detection, you will inevitably come across high-risk Inquiries that need human eyes to determine whether it should be approved or denied.

Use Workflows to mark Inquiries for review

Within a workflow, mark an Inquiry for review by adding the Action step, 'Mark Inquiry for review'.


What happens to an Inquiry when it's marked for review?

When an inquiry is marked for review, the Inquiry object will change to a status of inquiry.marked-for-review.

How do I review Inquiries that have been marked for review?

1. Create a Case in Workflows (recommended)

Not only can you review Inquiries within the Persona dashboard, but you can pull information collected from the individual's Account, Verification checks, Reports, document uploads, leave comments for your colleagues, etc. 

To get started, first create a Case template to address your specific use case.

Next, add 'Create Case' as an Action step in your Workflow, and choose which Case template you would like to apply.

Now, a new Case will be created for each Inquiry that runs through your Workflow, given it meets the set criteria.



If you’d like to beef up your workflow even further, a very common pattern is to add these additional steps:

  • Wait for the case to resolve
  • Automatically update the Inquiry status based on Case resolution
    Example: Auto-approve the inquiry if the Case is approved; auto-decline if the Case is declined.

To learn more about how to use Workflows and Cases together, read this Help Center article:

Using Workflows and Cases to run Reports and review Report Matches

2. Review the Inquiry manually

To find inquiries that have been marked for review in the dashboard, go to Inquiries > All Inquiries.

Under the 'Status' drop-down menu, check the 'Needs Review' box. 

Click on the Inquiry you want to review, then click on the 'Review' button at the top right.

You can either approve or decline an interview, and add an optional comment.



3. Listen for the inquiry.marked-for-review event via Webhook

Webhooks notify your service about events that happen in an inquiry.

To view the event in the dashboard, go to the Events section and select the event you'd like to view. This will take you to the event page where you can find the event ID as well as the event body.


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