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Editing an existing user’s role

In order to edit an existing user’s role through the Persona Dashboard, please first log in to the dashboard, here.

  1. Once on the dashboard, using the left hand side bar navigate down to the teams section and select Users.
  2. You’ll then see the list of Users that are currently given access to the Persona dashboard. On the right hand side next to each user, you’ll notice three little dots.
  3. Click these three dots and a drop down menu will pop up that gives you three options:
    1. Edit Role - this will allow you to update the user’s role. Select the desired role, and then press save. The user will immediately have updated permissions based on their new role!
    2. Issue Recovery Code - this will issue a recovery code to this user to help them log back into their Persona dashboard if they were blocked out.
    3. Deactivate user - this will revoke this user’s access to the Persona dashboard and they will no longer be allowed to login using this email and their designated password.
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