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Available permissions for users and roles

In order to review or edit permissions for an existing role through the Persona Dashboard, please first log in to the dashboard, here.

  1. Once on the dashboard, using the left hand side bar navigate down to the Teams section and select Roles.
  2. Click into a role to view and edit the permissions for each user with that role.
    • The Permissions > General: Action section allows you to edit which product-specific actions each user role can access (ex. Redact an Inquiry, View a Verification’s SSN, Assign a Case, etc.). Each permission is categorized by type and includes a name and description. Select items you want users within the role to have access to; deselect items you do not want users within the role to have access to.

    • The Permissions > Template: Cases section allows you to select which templates each user role can access.

      Select or de-select templates to specify which ones are permitted for a given role. Cases can be searched for by name or by template ID.

    • The Navbar configurations section allows you to edit what a user sees in the left side navigation bar, and is organized by section.

      Select or de-select items to show or hide sections in the left navbar. This does not change functionality.

      Note: As long as a user has the “View cases (by default, only those assigned to you)” general permission, they’ll be able to see all assigned cases across different templates. A role does not need to have explicit permissions to a case template to see cases that have been assigned to them.

    • The Info section allows you to edit the role name as well as the description.

    • The Active Users section lists all the names of users assigned to the role you are viewing.

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