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Employee Roles and Permissions overview

The Employee Roles and Permissions features allow you to give granular access to individuals on the Persona dashboard based on their role with your organization. You can navigate to the Permissions feature via the Persona Dashboard —> Team under the Admin section—> Roles. Here you’ll be able to find your existing roles, edit roles, and then apply those roles to different members in your team.

The three default role types are admin, developer, and analyst which have different levels of access to features and PII across the Persona dashboard. Please see below for commonly asked questions and additional articles to help you navigate the Teams feature suite.

How do I create a Role?

To learn more about creating Roles, please navigate here.

How do I add a role to a specific user?

To learn more about adding a role to a specific user, please navigate here.

How do I edit an existing user’s role?

To learn more about updating existing specific permissions, please navigate here.

What permissions can I add or remove from a user profile?

To see the full list of permissions available, please navigate here.

If I have multiple roles, which permissions do I have?

Permissions are additive. You will have all the permissions available to you across your roles.

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