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Roles and permissions overview


Roles and permissions let you configure granular access control for the Persona dashboard. They determine what information each member of your organization can view or take action on in the dashboard.

A permission grants the ability to view or take action on something in the dashboard. For example, a permission can allow someone to view the full SSN associated with an Inquiry. A separate permission can allow someone to edit an Inquiry template.

A role groups together related permissions, and thus makes it easy for you to assign the same set of permissions to multiple users.

Find Roles and Permissions

To find roles and permissions, navigate to Team > Roles in the dashboard.

Here, you can view existing roles, edit roles, and apply roles to different users in your organization.

Default roles

Persona provides three default roles: admin, developer, and analyst. Each role has different levels of access to features and PII in the dashboard. You can edit these roles.

Having multiple roles

You can assign multiple roles to a single user.

Permissions are additive. A user will have the maximum permissions available to them across all their roles.

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