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Business Watchlist Report


The Business Watchlist Report is a Report that enriches existing information on a given business and  screens that business across 1000+ global sanction, warning, and fitness & probity lists. 

Use case

Organizations are able to use this report type to satisfy their watchlist screening AML regulatory requirement. Any organization running a KYB program will need to ensure that they're screening against sanction, warning, and fitness & probity lists in order to ensure compliance to these regulations.

Persona Dashboard view


Notifications, recurrence and match requirements

Most organizations using this report want to ensure that they receive a notification immediately once a business has hit one of these lists. Organizations that want to be notified immediately on a match can set up a webhook against the report/business-watchlist.matched event to get an alert in their system.

Additionally, continuous monitoring is available for this report at the organization's request. The Report can be set to recur at any cadence requested. Most commonly, Persona sees organizations running daily, monthly, or quarterly recurring reports. This is up to the organization's compliance requirements. 

Persona's Business Watchlist Report offers a highly configurable search configurations which is instrumental to organizations using this Report to reduce false positive hits, and ensure manual review is decreased. Please contact your Persona POC in order to learn more about the possible match configurations for your Business Watchlist Report.



How does the Business Watchlist report work?

Organizations pass in a business name. Based on the search configuration and list selection, Persona will search for this business name against the set of lists specified.

What lists can Persona search against?

Persona can search across 1000+ global sanctions, warnings, and fitness & probity lists. Please reach out to for a full, comprehensive list.

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