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Workflows Slack Integration


Slack and Persona

With Persona’s Slack integration, you can automatically send Slack messages directly from Persona’s Workflows product. The Slack integration is available to both Event and API triggered Workflows.


To configure the integration

  1. Under the Action dropdown, add a Step to Send Slack Message
  2. Paste your Slack Webhook URL directly into the first input box. You can paste the URL directly, or access it as a field by typing {{trigger_params.fields.[variable]}}
    1. For more information on creating Slack Webhooks, please visit this Slack help center article
  3. Type the message you’d like automatically sent. Our Slack integration can interpolate values, meaning that you can dynamically send messages and concatenate with strings. You can access the field in the following format: {{trigger_params.fields.[variable]}}
  4. Under the Advanced Configuration dropdown, you can optionally configure a recipient override. While the Slack Webhook URL default posts to a specific channel, the recipient override allows the user to override the channel to which messages are sent. Your Slack webhook setup will determine whether you’re permissioned to use this advanced configuration option. You can either hardcode a value or access the field in the following format: {{trigger_params.fields.[variable]}}
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